ADVICE ANYONE?? I’m thinking of how to create “A Lasting Impact” for this Girl Scout Gold Award project that I’ve been doing. I’ve trained my dog Danny to be a pet therapy dog and we’ve visited several facilities while I’ve blogged about it on here. That’s not my issue though.



I need to figure out how to ensure that my project (which got approval in the first place, meaning the council agreed that it had enough of “A Lasting Impact” on the community through my blog and the lives I’m touching) goes the extra mile. I’ve been trying to set up a connection between another facility and the pet therapy organization I’m a part of but it’s much trickier than I thought. I had the idea of publishing the steps I’ve taken or how rewarding it is or something in the local newspaper or something somehow but it doesn’t seem “Lasting” enough to me. Any ideas on how to leave this greater impact on the world? All input is welcome…


Day Four Level Two

Ugh, I’m not feeling so great about being stuck in Level Two for so many days. I’ve seen new dog teams cycle through already, and it makes me feel set back. Also, my membership at the doggy school runs out on 10/26. Which means I either need to zoom through four levels in four weeks or pay an extra ~$250. I don’t know how I can come up with that money, since it’s for Girl Scouts and all. 

Anyway, on Saturday 9/28 Danny and I attended our fourth session of Level Two. These unfamiliar faces were becoming more and more familiar. There was even another toy cockapoo there that day! How weird! Danny was much more focused and held the lay-down position as the go-to position for when he’s not doing anything. When he got antsy, we did a silent game of Touch My Hand When It’s In Different Spots. We practiced some of the walk-backwards-turn-treat-keep-dog-on-left-side movements before discussing the recall command. For this, I had to give Robin my dog’s leash, and run away shouting DANNY NOW NOW DANNY NOW (because I’m using “now” in lieu of “come”). Once I got far enough away and while I was still running away, Robin let go of Danny’s leash and sent him bounding towards me. He made it to me, but definitely looked at the other dogs as if in consideration of bounding towards them instead. 

We also did some of the work for “stay” but in a pose position (standing on all fours). This one is much harder for Danny to grasp, but he’s getting there!

I came so close to purchasing a front-clip harness that day, but they are $26 and I’m on the hunt for similar yet less expensive versions. Anyone know where I can find one??