Read my brochure to see how easy it is to become a pet therapy team!!





I left brochures with the people in those senior independent apartments and am waiting to hear back!

I’m very excited because I called a senior living home remotely close to me and they are very interested! Someone from the front desk left a note with the assistant activities director and directed my call to the voice-mailbox of the activities director! 

~SO close to setting up a visitation program between a facility and the organization I’m a part of!


Dannyboy and I are super happy 🙂

Talking to Kiwanis

Okay so this was a huge deal.

My mom and I went to our local Kiwanis meeting because I know the club secretary and was invited to be the guest speaker. After sitting through their meeting, it was my turn to get up and speak about how my dog and I became a certified pet therapy team. I took tons of time planning out what to say and ended up just using my speech as a guideline for my presentation thanks to the skills I learned in my public speaking class.

I had my ID badge, Danny’s ID badge, and a flyer that I made with a few pictures of me and Danny or me outside a facility, all of which I passed around as I was presenting. My mom was amazed at my presentation skills and loved learning about Kiwanis as well as sharing her take of my Gold Award Project.               

The Kiwanis club gave me great information about how I could possibly do a workshop or even get parts of this blog published on a pet therapy website in order to really ensure a lasting impact. Thanks for reading!!

On Our Way!

On Our Way!

Danny and I pose for a selfie as we’re on our way to a group home in Dover for young adults with mental illnesses to spread some smiles on our therapy visit!

Although nervous at first because we didn’t know what we were gonna walk into, Danny and I had a great time at this visit. We hung out in this living room area with couches and a rug while two boys and four girls (who were in the main room interchangeably) played with Danny. I kept his leash on but dropped it to the floor so he could run around and go from person to person to give them kisses and spread some smiles! My dad said I was major therapy for the patients and that I just happen to have an adorable dog to use as a conversation focus 🙂
This was the best I’ve seen him in visit-mode because it was so natural. All he had to do was play in a family room with people who adored him and gave him cheese for doing some tricks. At first I started off with the trick commands, but them I switched it to the patients so that they had a chance to build confidence by having a dog do what they ask and impress their friends.
We stayed for just over an hour, and would gladly go back!

Another senior living visit

Today my dog Danny and I visited Eastern Star senior living place for the first time. The rain and traffic was a bit of a downer and I could tell Dannyboy was upset that I didn’t bring a coat for him, but he warmed up to the facility quickly! This time, we actually got to go into peoples’ rooms and visit them as well as those in the hallway. Almost all were in wheelchairs and I held Danny up for them to pet. They were especially happy to see me and talk to me. My mom, who has to come with me because I’m a junior handler, spoke to the activities director who said I have a real way with patients. That made me smile, and I know I made them all smile!

Today we spread smiles, but if you know of any facilities who would appreciate pet therapy, don’t hesitate to ask me how to get that set up/train your dog yourself! I’m spreading awareness, but also promoting the idea of pet therapy so this is what I’m all about!

Our next facility visit is Friday! (and then Saturday)


Danny and I completed our final step in the Creature Comfort Pet Therapy certification process—the mentor visit! 

This morning I got up and got everything together for our very first visit. I put a towel, paper towels, a water bottle, a doggie water bowl, treats, hand sanitizer, and a doggie brush in a large tote bag with a copy of his vaccination records. I bought some Nature’s Miracle spray in case Danny made a mess (which he didn’t, of course).

We met an experienced CCPT handler at the door to Merry Heart Senior Living so that she could mentor me on my first therapy visit. We signed in and went to the “Bistro” gathering space downstairs where about a dozen seniors–most in wheelchairs–were hanging out. Some were even playing Wii bowling on the TV! I scooped Danny up and we went from wheelchair to wheelchair (unless the patient was avoiding us) and I bent down next to each patient and even let Danny sit on one lady’s lap!

Upstairs, we went to the Alzheimer’s floor where the seniors have memory problems. There were about two dozen patients up here and some were sleeping and most repeated their questions to me a few times, which was kind of sad. But it made them all very happy and we’re spreading some smiles quite easily!

My arms are tired from holding Danny for almost an hour, even though he’s only ten pounds! 

My mom said the nursing home was very lucky to have Danny to pet and me to talk to (: Oh, and now Danny and I can do visits on our own to accredited facilities!

Thanks for reading, and spread the word of how helpful therapy dogs are!

Creature Comfort Orientation

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had a great day! 

Today, 1/14/14, I left school at about 11:30 and drove to Morris K9 Campus where Creature Comfort Pet Therapy was giving an orientation workshop to those who have just passed the evaluation last week. I would say there were about eight other new-handlers like myself there. After a 70 minute powerpoint presentation on the do’s and don’t’s of what to bring, how to sign up, how to conduct ourselves, confidentiality, and other rules and regulations, it was time to sign up for our mentor visit.

What is a mentor visit? It’s when an experienced dog-handler team shows you and your dog HOW to do a therapy visit at any registered facility. Because of my “one condition,” only the handler, not the dog, will be accompanying Danny and me. I believe we are going to a senior assisted living place nearby either this Saturday or two Saturdays from now, but the company will email me with that information.

I’m really excited because I know it’s going to be really fun, especially at a place where Danny can show off his box of tricks!

Thanks for reading, check back soon 🙂