I CAN’T STAND: eating the wrong kinds of food (my stomach can be a bit sensitive because I’m so small), being in the crate too long (I will whimper), when I have the hiccups (they scare me), when small children try to pick me up too much (I can handle it for about five hours, but then I give them a warning growl), when my owners are on that texting machine too much (I bark twice to get their attention), when nobody invites me to join them on the couch (I’m only allowed up when you say “join me”), that my ex-owners never properly socialized me with dogs (it’s taking me a while to learn how to play-especially with dogs much bigger than me-but I’m definitely getting better), and swimming or baths of any kind (I get really submissive and shaky–my owners have no idea about my bad past experience(s) with water)


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