What the heck!

I got to Merry Heart senior living just a few days after the Kiwanis presentation and they turned me away at the front desk!! Here’s what happened:

Some sort of upper respiratory infection was going around and the nurses had masks on and everything. They weren’t allowing any outsiders, especially pet therapy visits 😦 So Danny, my dad, and I got dressed and drove over there for nothing.


Don’t worry..we took Danny to the park instead!


Talking to Kiwanis

Okay so this was a huge deal.

My mom and I went to our local Kiwanis meeting because I know the club secretary and was invited to be the guest speaker. After sitting through their meeting, it was my turn to get up and speak about how my dog and I became a certified pet therapy team. I took tons of time planning out what to say and ended up just using my speech as a guideline for my presentation thanks to the skills I learned in my public speaking class.

I had my ID badge, Danny’s ID badge, and a flyer that I made with a few pictures of me and Danny or me outside a facility, all of which I passed around as I was presenting. My mom was amazed at my presentation skills and loved learning about Kiwanis as well as sharing her take of my Gold Award Project.               

The Kiwanis club gave me great information about how I could possibly do a workshop or even get parts of this blog published on a pet therapy website in order to really ensure a lasting impact. Thanks for reading!!