Care One Parsippany Visit

Today Danny and I visited the Care One senior living place. This was by far my favorite visit we’ve ever been on.

Everybody was exceptionally kind and grateful for our appearance: the residents, family members of the residents, and the staff! They were all such dog-people and enjoyed every minute we were there. The facility was a legit hotel-like place and each resident’s room was personal and they sometimes had a roommate! There was even an old married couple who got a personal show of Danny’s tricks.

The activities director showed us around and we visited the main lobby, the Alzheimer’s area, some residents in their rooms, a more-progressed Alzheimer’s unit, more residents rooms, and then waved a final goodbye to everyone in the lobby as we walked out the door. This visit took much longer because we had so many people to visit and spent quality time with each patient. Even most of the staff we passed by stopped with huge smiles to greet Dannyboy (: Overall — super successful!

This place I would visit any chance I could get!

This just goes to show how much places like these need all other pet therapy volunteers to get up and visit them because they’re just sitting there waiting for some smiles to be spread by dogs who heal! 


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