Another senior living visit

Today my dog Danny and I visited Eastern Star senior living place for the first time. The rain and traffic was a bit of a downer and I could tell Dannyboy was upset that I didn’t bring a coat for him, but he warmed up to the facility quickly! This time, we actually got to go into peoples’ rooms and visit them as well as those in the hallway. Almost all were in wheelchairs and I held Danny up for them to pet. They were especially happy to see me and talk to me. My mom, who has to come with me because I’m a junior handler, spoke to the activities director who said I have a real way with patients. That made me smile, and I know I made them all smile!

Today we spread smiles, but if you know of any facilities who would appreciate pet therapy, don’t hesitate to ask me how to get that set up/train your dog yourself! I’m spreading awareness, but also promoting the idea of pet therapy so this is what I’m all about!

Our next facility visit is Friday! (and then Saturday)


One thought on “Another senior living visit

  1. What a great service you and Danny are providing! We see first hand how pet therapy benefits patients.

    Keep it up!

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