Creature Comfort Orientation

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had a great day! 

Today, 1/14/14, I left school at about 11:30 and drove to Morris K9 Campus where Creature Comfort Pet Therapy was giving an orientation workshop to those who have just passed the evaluation last week. I would say there were about eight other new-handlers like myself there. After a 70 minute powerpoint presentation on the do’s and don’t’s of what to bring, how to sign up, how to conduct ourselves, confidentiality, and other rules and regulations, it was time to sign up for our mentor visit.

What is a mentor visit? It’s when an experienced dog-handler team shows you and your dog HOW to do a therapy visit at any registered facility. Because of my “one condition,” only the handler, not the dog, will be accompanying Danny and me. I believe we are going to a senior assisted living place nearby either this Saturday or two Saturdays from now, but the company will email me with that information.

I’m really excited because I know it’s going to be really fun, especially at a place where Danny can show off his box of tricks!

Thanks for reading, check back soon 🙂


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