Day Two PTP!

Today was the second out of three lessons in the Pet Therapy Prep class at Morris K9 Campus (for me and Danny anyway!). That’s right, folks, another private lesson! This one was only about 45 minutes because we didn’t go through that evaluation sheet like last time. 

Instead, Robin had Danny and I practice loose-leash walking, sit, down-stay, come, meeting a friendly stranger, sit for petting, noisy crowd, enthusiastic petters, and some handling/restraining hugs. 

For the loose-leash walking I had Danny on my left side and said “let’s go.” He walked with me at my side and then Robin–imitating the evaluator–told me to turn 180 degrees to start walking toward her again, then turn left, then turn right, then stop, all with Danny watching my body for cues and staying calmly on my left side. He had a bit of trouble walking on my left side as I turned to the left quite spastically. After a couple of minutes of walking around turning in all different directions, he caught on and did well when Robin asked us again. 😀

Then, we clipped the long-leash line and I had him sit (which he did) and lay down (which he did) and stay (which he did). Then I walked to the end of the long line, turned around, came back to him, and gave him a treat. I walked out into a different direction turned around and called him, releasing him of his position. We repeated this a few times because after the first treat, (whether I had food or just petting) Danny stood up. Although he stayed in his spot, he still got up so I made the correcting ah-ah noise and asked for a lay down again. After a few tries we were done with this exercise. 

Then we met a friendly stranger, which was really just Robin along with a dog Danny had never met before. We did this a few times with this one medium-sized dog and at the end of class we did it again with a larger dog and then a large dog. This is the one where Danny and I approach them, he sits, the other dog sits, and the owners shake hands. Then the owners turn and walk away, with their dogs showing no signs of aggression or stress. 

We did another noisy crowd and enthusiastic petting (separate events) like I posted about last time. We also did a restraining hug and ear-and-paw-touching, the former which still bothered Danny a bit but not as much. I have to practice this with him more before next tuesday which is our evaluation!

Thursday is our last class/private lesson before our test on Tuesday, which I have to leave school for! Although Robin believes Danny and I will pass it, I’m still nervous about the test :0 !

I wish my mom would stop laughing and encouraging when the dog jumps because it’s going to cause me points on Tuesday..


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