First Day of Pet Therapy Prep?

On Wednesday 11/27 Danny and I attended our first official Pet Therapy Prep class! But let me back up because there’s a good story behind the schedule.

The plan–last time I talked to Robin the deal was that my two month membership to the Levels program ended just as Danny and I worked through Level Three. So we decided my next move was to wait until Pet Therapy Prep started (which is a three-week weekly course and the fourth week is the Creature Comfort Evaluation) and sign up for that instead of renewing my Levels membership (which is timely and expensive).

Because this Pet Therapy Prep class was coming up, I signed up online for it like usual. 

The reality–I got to the doggy school in time for the Saturday afternoon class only to find a very confused set of dog trainers wondering why I was there. Robin came out of the ring very apologetically because she realized she never emailed me to say Saturday versions of this class are cancelled because there were not enough sign-ups, so it will only be held Tuesday mornings-while I’m at school!

The solution–Robin and the other girls worked out a new schedule with me where I can come for a private lesson on Wednesday and then figure out when to schedule two more private lessons before the Tuesday class’s evaluation on 12/10. Turns out I get the best deal, though, because I’m only paying $125 and I’m getting three private, one-hour long lessons!


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