WOW! Danny and I have great news!

I’ll tell you how it all started:

I walked into class on 10/22 and realized I had forgotten to register for the class that day ahead of time. The trainer was nice enough to say it was no problem and that she’s waiting for one more person to show up and then we’ll start class. I walk into the arena and nobody else is there! AND, the other dog and handler didn’t come because they were sick; it was another private lesson! 

Knowing our Levels Two-Month Membership package would be over on Saturday 10/26, I was psyched that we got to sneak a final lesson in and talk openly about my focus–being ready to start the pet therapy. Robin told me how she recommends I don’t renew my membership and continue with Levels but rather sign up for the four-week course Pet Therapy Prep (which includes the certification test during the fourth class). She said Danny has mastered the basic skills and innately possesses the most important trait — love of humans. She thinks with the three classes of review he should be able to pass the test for the fourth class. I was pumped!

She geared our 10/22 class toward talking to me about this four-week course and walking around with a walker or wheel chair just to see how he’d react. He went right up to her and wasn’t even spooked. In fact, he put his paws up on her chair as if asking to jump on her lap. I think this is bad so I’m going to continue practicing having him sit and placed on peoples’ laps. 

The Pet Therapy Prep course begins in the middle of November and is structured a bit differently. Instead of signing up for whatever classes you can squeeze into at your own pace and schedule like in the Levels program, this prep course is strictly late Saturday afternoons for four consecutive weeks. After passing the evaluation on the fourth Saturday, I will attend an information session about liabilities/procedures/contact information (without Dannyboy). Then, Danny and I go into a facility with a mentor (a pet therapy handler who is certified to chaperone) who will guide us through our first visit and answer any questions while evaluating me and Danny one final time. If all goes well on that visit, we’ll be all set to sign up for therapy visits on our own through Creature Comfort!!


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