Day One Level Three

Wahoo Level Three! Danny and I were stoked coming into this class on 10/12, but were definitely nervous when we spotted the two Labs and the Bernese Mountain dog who are also in Level Three! 

In class we practiced “stay.” To do this, I asked Danny to sit and put my hand up like a stop sign while saying “stay!” then I turned around and walked to the end of his leash. I quickly came back to him, gave him a treat, and turned around again. When I got to the end of the leash I turned around and said, “Free, okay,” which means Danny can release his position. He came running right over to me for another treat for “free, okay.” Adding onto this, I had him sit and while I was at the end of the leash I clapped my hands a few times to provide a distraction. Then I briskly walked back to him and gave him a treat before walking out again and then giving the release command/treat. Danny was much better with the laying down version of this.


We also practiced no-pull loose leash walking. Using his handy-dandy NEW HARNESS (YAYYY!) Danny and I walked with him on my left side. Every time he pulled, I turned around and walked in the opposite direction. I had to change directions so that he wouldn’t be able to be rewarded for pulling by me continuing in the direction he wants. 


Finally we practiced “roll over” and “settle.” Since Danny already knows how to roll over, we felt happily ahead of the class (: “Settle” looks like “play dead,” only it’s used as a command for the dog to relax and be still. Danny still needs to work on this one. I have to practice having him lay down and pulling a treat from in front of his nose to behind his ear so that he turns sideways and lays on the ground. 

That’s all for our first day of Level Three, but I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!


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