Yay? Day Five Level Two

I had to miss last Saturday’s class (10/5) because I had to work. But on this past Wednesday (10/9), Danny and I had our best class yet! We practiced the entire class while borrowing a front-clip no-pull harness, and Danny worked so well with it! There were seven OTHER dogs, and when we each walked around aimlessly practicing the “sticky dog” dog on our left side without the dog pulling, Danny had no problem walking through a midst of other dogs — HUGE FEAT. (If you remember, in the beginning Dannyboy didn’t like other dogs/know how to socialize with them.) 

In this class we all practiced the sit, down, pose with our dogs while we were seated in chairs as well as while we were standing. We also continued to build on the stay command by asking the dog to sit/down/pose and hold it while we gave them continuous treats until they broke the position. Danny is very good at the down stay, is average at the sit stay, and definitely needs to work on the pose (stand on all fours) stay. 

We practiced some leash walking, too. Danny loves these new treats I’m using. They look like little gingerbreadmen (: 

At the end of class, I returned the harness 😦  (hopefully my parents will buy the harness for the dog as a gift??) and spoke a bit with Robin. She said she’d move me and Danny to Level Three!!! But she says we need to work on leash walking, which I’m sure will be 100% easier with a front-clip harness. She hasn’t accepted our mini-graduation into her system yet, so we can’t register for the Level Three class tomorrow at 1pm, but we’ll be there! I’m nervous! I don’t know if Danny belongs in the class or what! Fingers crossed for a good day =D 


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