Day Two Level Two

Last Wednesday 10/18, Danny and I attended our second Level Two class! We saw familiar faces in the three other dogs and their handlers. Just a quick summary tonight about last week:

We practiced the hand signals for sit, lay down, and pose (stand) in our chairs, but we didn’t get too close to each other in our chair arrangement this time. 

We also practiced this new thing Robin calls Sticky Dog. The purpose of this is to train the dogs to walk on our left side AND walk without pulling. I had to lure him by waving a treat in front of his nose while he faced me and walking slowly backwards. Once I had his attention I had to turn my body to the right so that he was still being lured but was now on my left side. I gave him the treat as we turned, and we practiced this several times. I really like this because leash-walking is a HUGE thing that Dannyboy needs to practice. 

Also, we worked on sitting in front of other dogs. I had to walk my dog up to another handler and we simultaneously made our dogs sit, facing each other, and gave them treats. After a three-second hold, I gave another treat. And again. Then I lured him to turn around and be on my left side as I walked away from the other handler team. Danny was surprisingly okay at this!

He was especially hungry and ornery because I hadn’t fed him much that day. Note to self: pre-feed him a little bit but still keep him hungry enough for class!


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