Day One Level Two

Last Saturday 9/14, Danny and I took our first Level Two class! Two other medium-sized dogs were also there, but Dannyboy didn’t seem to mind (which is HUGE!) Again we worked on turning away from other dogs by luring them with treats. Then we practiced the voice command with the hand signal for sit, down, and stand. (I call “stand,” “pose.”) Because we don’t practice the stay command until Level Three, we didn’t attach a word or hand signal to the dog’s action of staying in place–either in a sit or down. I gave him treats every few seconds when he held his position, but the second he moved, I turned my back to him and waited about 10 seconds for him to regroup. Realizing he didn’t perform the way I wanted, Danny was all game next go round. He’s pretty good at the “stay” in a down position, but needs work in the sit position.

Then, we moved our chairs into a circle and practiced our sit, down, pose commands from a seated position. Danny was surprisingly good at being so close to the other dogs. I had to troubleshoot though, moving my chair back because the black lab on the left was getting a little too close to my dog. He’s definitely making progress though!

Lastly, we practiced the recall command. I were given 15-foot nylon leash to practice with for ten minutes. What we had to do was throw a treat far ahead of us, allow the dog to run and get it, and then call them back. Because “come” is thrown around pretty loosely in my house and this training is for important situations, I used the word “now!” After a few trials, we had to give the leash back because class was over. I hope we can practice that one more, though! 

Danny is making lots of progress—especially with other dogs!


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