Day Two Level One: Where is everyone??

On Wednesday, 9/11 Danny and I attended our second Level One class. We hurried in, thinking we were late and were surprised to find that nobody else was coming–private lesson! 

Because Robin knows Danny and I are in the levels program so he can pass the Creature Comfort’s Pet Therapy Test, she geared our private showing into a therapy-oriented lesson. When she sat in the wheel chair and wheeled up to him, he calmly approached her and sniffed her. SCORE. However, after a bit of investigating he gently put his two front paws up on her legs, asking permission to jump into her lap. Although polite, this action will not help us pass the test. But overall he was generally good. Then came the crutches. Between the noise and the movement Danny showed signs of apprehension by side-stepping the instrument and appearing disinterested. Not-so-score. Thankfully, Robin said these were minor issues and will be very easy for him to overcome.

After practicing some more reps of Lay Down and Sit. I used hand signals as well as the voice command and he complied every time. At the end of our 45 minutes, Robin said she’s going to pass us into Level Two!! 

YAY! Danny only needed two days of Level One and got a private lesson during it! WE WERE PSYCHED


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