Our Objective

The main idea here is to-obviously-become a certified pet therapy team. In order to become certified, Danny and I must pass the Creature Comfort Pet Therapy Test at Morris K9 Campus. Because he isn’t quite ready to just take this test, I chose to enroll the two of us in obedience class. 

The obedience classes at this particular school are offered through a Levels Program. Basically, we start at Level One and graduate at Level Six, and because Danny is a bit advanced, older, and only trying to work on reliability not skill, the head trainer said we’d progress through the levels pretty quickly. That made me happy. The Levels are each offered three times a week at various times and you’re allowed to attend as many of the classes at your level as you’d like. At this place, you pay for several months at a time and can attend as many classes during your membership as you’d like. I love the flexibility! Because I worked hard to clean and reorganize my house with my mom, I earned the $229 needed for Danny and I to have a two-month membership. 

Before enrolling in Level One, however, it is mandatory to sit through a human-only Orientation Presentation so that owners understand what to expect through this obedience program. 


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